35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My last LMP was on 12 March and doctor has given me date of 20 November is it ok please reply

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Answer: Hey your due date given by doctor is absolutely right....in last trimester through scans it would keep changing ,I wish you all the best..
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Question: 35 weeks 5 days pregnant but my Lmp is 12 March and doctors given date of 20 Nov
Answer: Helo dear.... This is common and concern of every to be mom ...Actualy Edd is calculated by lmp and no one knows the actual date of conception so there is lag of max 2 weeks in scan report gestational age and the age which we calculate from lmp..... No need to worry at all everything is fine...Take care 😊
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Question: My last lmp date was 14th november but doctor say 25th november! Is there a problem?
Answer: Hi dear, Your LMP is 14 th November but your scan shows a week behind .I think if you are sure about your LMP then there is no need to alter it .such mismatches in first trimester keep happening.and baby would catch the pace in coming weeks.there is no need to worry.
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Question: Doctor has given me date of 20 November USG shows 35week 5 days foetal maturity what should I do please reply
Answer: Hello dear, why to worry you will be 37 week by then and baby will be fully grown and mature by then and can be delivered without any complications.
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