34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My husband blood group is B+ and my blood group is A+ is there any problem in future

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Answer: Since both the blood groups are positive no need to worry about.
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Question: Hi my and my husband blood group is b positive is there any problem.
Answer: No i have baby boy now he's one month old my hubby n my blood group is same
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Question: There is any problem of conceiving if my husband blood group is O+ and my blood group is B-?
Answer: Hi. I and my husband had same combination of blood group as of yours. I never had any issue while concieving neither while i was pregnant. You will just need to follow some instructions of your doctor. They will ask to take some Anti-d injection to safe guard your baBy. Have them. Also maintain your hb level as must be aware of how rare your blood grouo is. Rest all is good. .lots of strength to you
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Question: My blood group A+ and my husband group also same.. Is there any problem
Answer: No there if no problem if you both have A+ even me and my husband's blood group is A+ and our baby never had any issue
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