34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My hemoglobin level is 9 is it very low??? I am so woried

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Answer: It is marginally low as the normal hemoglobin levels during pregnancy is 10.5 and above dear...so please eat iron rich foods on a daily basis to help increase your hemoglobin levels...
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Question: why hemoglobin level is very low what should I do
Answer: Hello During pregnancy ur heart works harder to provide needed nourishment to your baby the body increases blood by 30 to 50 percent. Due to dis it is necessary for pregnant women to increase their intake of folic acid and iron. U can eat dark green leafy vegetables mushroom lemongrass chana black beans are red meat fortified bread cereal and pasta. Citrus fruits kiwi water melon strawberries tomatoes pomegranates dates in are very high nutrient value and iron content. Hope I helped
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Question: My baby's hemoglobin level is too low... So plzz how can I raise my baby's hemoglobin level?
Answer: Soak 5 dry grape in water and feed that water Doctor will prescribe multi vitamin syrup Give her pure jaggery a small lump combined with food like juices Dry dates also act as natural sweetener u can feed her in powdered form, otherwise continue like in the first step
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Question: Hi i am 29 weeks pregnant and my hemoglobin and rbc is very low....my hemoglobin is 7.9 only...so what should i do to recover it?
Answer: Drink raagi jaava or some roti with eagi and multi grain. It increases blood and gives strength to u and ur baby. Raagi jaava with milk and jaggery which gives u iron and calcium and increases blood percentage
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