30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My hemoglobin is 11.5....is it less... I m in me 3 trimester....

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Answer: Hi dear, During pregnancy,the Hb level should be minimum 12.you should start iron supplements to increase it.dietary iron along with supplements should increase your hb.consume the following to increase Hb: 1- green leafy vegetables like spinach 2- beans and lentils 3- whole grains 4- eggs and meat 5-fruits like apple and pomegranate 6- animal protein like eggs,meat Try to eat it along with vitamin C rich food to increase the absorption. Donot take calcium and iron supplements together.if the hb remains low in later stages too,doctor prescribes injections for quick rise in hb,which is quite beneficial.Also refer the healofy app for daily updates on baby development and growth,as well as pregnancy care.it also gives you enormous info on post delivery baby care and diet.donot miss out!
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Question: Hello mam. I m 19 week running pregnant. My hemoglobin is 11.1. It is less ?
Answer: Hi dear yes it is fine. Your haemoglobin should be in between 10 to 14. Foods that contain iron are required to eat properly. U shoild have spinach juice by crushing 20 leaves in mixer. Add some splash of leMon to increase the absorption of iron in body. Avoid taking your iron supplements with milk and avoid taking Iron supplements in morning Ideally, your calcium supplements should be taken in morning or if taken at night, there should be at least some 4 hours gap between your Iron and Calcium supplements.u should also have iron supplement advised by doctor. You may eat cooked ragi, kale, oranges, jaggery almond beetroot carrot.
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Question: My hemoglobin shows 11.5 .Is it a cause if concern?
Answer: Hi friend . Nothing to worry , normal range of hb for Pregnancy is 10-14 grams so relax as yours is under normal range.
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Question: My hemoglobin is 11.5 is less
Answer: It's completely normal and in good range.. Just keep mentaining that limit and eat iron rich foods
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