22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My heart beat is fast, I cam feel it even at rest.. I have chest tightness too..

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Question: My heart beat is too fast.. it is 120. Will it harm my baby??
Answer: Hii.. You should consult doc because it is case of tachycardia and may cause harm to baby. Tachycardia may be physiology or pathological so rule out is necessary for future.
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Question: On my 10th week my baby heart beat is 166 beat /min.... Is it too fast? Or normql
Answer: Hi dear, Baby hear beats peaks at 12 th weeks.and any heart beat between 120-180 bpm is normal.donot worry,it should go down in later weeks of pregnancy.
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Question: I could feel some movement in my wrist that is too fast in beating,is that baby's heart beat?
Answer: Hi, no its not baby s heart beat. You should in fact check yoir heart beat and your bp.
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