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Question: My hcg level is 498 in 41 days of pregnancy is it normal...will gestational sac be visible in scan

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Answer: Hello dear. It is low and your gynae wouod be suggesting you to repeat the test after 3 days to see the values increase. Scan should be done after 7 weeks ideally as by then ecerything is clearly visible in the scans. Hope it helos.
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    Eugene Sam884 days ago

    Thankyou sis

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Question: I am pregnant as per s HCG report with 2000 when will be my gestational sac visible in ultrasound
Answer: Dear ideally everything is cleqrly visible if you go for scan after 7 weeks of pregnancy. Good pwrt that ur hcg levels are increqsing at a good rate and ur pregnancy growth is good. So this wait is fine. Hope it helps.
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Question: sac is visible and yolk sac was not visible.. which week it will be visible
Answer: There are lost of reason that yolk sac is not visible. Miscalculated Dates of Last Period If your pregnancy is still in the very early stages and this is the first ultrasound, the pregnancy may be earlier than what you may have calculated by the date of your last period. It may be that you ovulated later in your cycle. Most cycles are 28 days with ovulation around day 14 of the cycle. Some women have longer cycles and ovulate later, which means the pregnancy may not be as advanced. after some weeks your yolk will be visible.
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Question: hi I did my scan it was showing 7 week growth of gestational sac no fetal pole. when do normally a fetal pole be visible in scan.
Answer: Usually 6th se 7th week mein dikha jaata hai...lekin aap ek week aur try karo..uske baad usg nikalna to confirm
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