32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My hands are in severe pain i don't know why they start aching suddenly from arm till my wrist.. N then the pain disappears by it self after some terrible hours n also non of the pain killers does affect on this pain.. What can i do for this n what is the reason behind it..

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Question: On 25th September I had normal delivery then there was back n pelvic pain for some days. It was reduced after 1.5 month of delivery. But now days I m suffering again with severe back pain n wrist pain. Even after getting up from the chair or floor I can't stand upright for sometimes and my lower back pains horribly.plese suggest the best n explain the reasons behind this severe wrist n lower back pains.
Answer: Hello dear. Reason I won't be able to tell as I consulted more than 10 doctor when I had the same back pain after my cesarian to get a solution. Nothing helped me. Then after 1 year I joined yoga classes and did 1 months of specially for back pain it gave immense relief and after 3 months the pain was completely gone and it never came back. Hope it helps.
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Question: Dr. I m 6th month pregnant . I have tingling pain in my hand especially in my fingers n wrist every morning . Is it normal?n what is the reason behind this? Is there any harm to my baby?
Answer: Hello This is due to vitamin b12 deficiency. U have to include vitamin b12 rich diet include milk cheese soy fish meat chicken cereal mushroom lemongrass chalna black beans spinach sun dried tomatoes almonds yogurt. Eggs especially red meat. This pain will eventually decrease with these food inclusions
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Question: I have severe pain in left side of my rib. What is the reason behind it..?
Answer: Our body stretches to accommodate our baby. While stretching we feel that pain. It is common. Don't worry
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