35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My hands and legs are very itchy can't able to tolerate. Please guide what to do? And is there any problem to my body and it won't effect the baby na?

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Answer: It can happen during pregnancy,try taking cool shower,drink lots of water nd fresh juices,even after if it not reducing consult ur doctor as Liver problems cam also make itching in the body.
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    Vandana Chauhan417 days ago

    Same problem I was going through my dr. Recommended udiliv 300 mg and lacto calamine lotion

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Question: Itchy all over body. Is it due to pregnancy? Can't tolerate. Please advise.
Answer: Hi dear usually during pregnancy when the water dries up in the body it causes the body itching so we must drink at least 4 litres of water per day in that cases and also you can try taking aloe vera juice with curd or buttermilk tender coconut water more fruits and fresh juices during itching you can also apply aloe vera gel on your body it will be good if you apply fresh gel which helps to reduce the itching please drink more water it is the best medicine you can do
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Question: My baby hands and legs and feet are cold rest of body is normal,,is there any problem.
Answer: Hi.. Babies tend to have colder hands and feet because of the circulation in their little bodies. The cold tends to work it's way out as they get older. The best way you can tell if your baby is hot or cold is to feel the back of their neck. If it is cold, then they are cold, if it's warm, then they are fine. I have used this several times with my son and he's always ok.
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Question: 31 weeks pregnant. Hands and legs are very itchy at night what can it be
Answer: Hi,you should take shower before sleeping you should also apply coconut oil for Lacto Calamine lotion or aloe vera gel which will help you
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