23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My hairs are getting ruff day by day? Why it is?

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Answer: Hi Dear, this could be due to harmonal changes during pregnancy. I also had very dry hair and you can use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. Also it is one of the sign of having baby boy. Also i had very good hair growth and i am blessed with a baby boy.
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    Anonymous797 days ago

    Thank u

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Question: My babies face skin is getting red suddnly n getting norml aftr some time..why this happng.n also skin was very soft n now it is gettng ruff day by day ..
Answer: Dear as it is winter season so because of body heat sometimes baby's skin can get mild red and then fine. Just apply a good amount of cream on baby's skin frequently so keep the skin well moisturized and soft..
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Question: hi m 13 weeks pregnant my skin is getting dry day by day why it happens
Answer: Hii use good moisturiser. U can use aloevera also for this. Plz drink.More of liquid as during pregnancy body get dry due to the lack of water. Eat more of fruits and salad. Also do to so many harmonal change this happened. Nothing to worry. Just take care of ur diet.
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Question: My armpits, neck and nipples are getting darker day by day. Is it normal during pregnancy?
Answer: Yes it is absolutely normal, during pregnancy hormones cause this kind of skin darkning. Keep ur self clean and hydrated.. and eat healthy . After delivery slowly the darkness will fade from ur neck and armpits.. nipples will remain till u breastfeed..
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