18 months old baby

Question: My gynec prescribed cabergolin 0.25 to stop breast milk production. I have stopped breast feeding my 18 month old since yesterday. Is there any side effects of Cabergolin??

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Answer: Hello dear. It can have side effects like nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, gas, indigestion, constipation; headache, depressed mood;dizziness, spinning sensation; drowsiness, nervousness; hot flashes; numbness or tingly feeling; or.dry mouth. Hope it helps.
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Question: I have stopped breast feeding because of medical condition my milk stopped by tablet now am alright Is there any option to give breast milk to my baby
Answer: Hello Dear, congratulations to the happy mother. Yes you can always start breastfeeding again but now you have to rebuild the milk supply process. For that 1st you have to have patience as it will take time and requires lot of effort and dedication. Please take plenty of water or any kind of fluids its very important. 2ndly you need to pump out the milk or feed your baby.. the more often you do it the more often it will be produced. Next is you need to make your baby re learn the process initially it will be tough but gradually with patience and dedication the baby will return to breastfeeding. Best of luck.
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Question: My second baby is 18 month old she still feeding breast milk is there any medicine to stop milk production so please suggest me medicine name
Answer: Dear there are medication but only doctor can prescribe that and also till then you can try that apply just a pinch fresh aleo Vera gel on the nipple and when baby will suck she will get sour taste and Doug it regularly will make baby stop breatsfeeding...
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Question: How to stop milk production ..as I have stopped feeding ...my lo is 17months now...thanks
Answer: Dobt stop feeding suddenly. Reduce the no of times u feeding gradually. Then redice feeding duration.
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