8 months old baby

Question: My girl baby fell down from cot and may haVe bumped at back of her head. Remedies pls

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Question: Hi my baby was 1 year old girl and she was fell down from cot at the height of 2 inch height i was scared about her head plz tel me ??
Answer: Hi, first of all please don't panic. Its normal. Sometimes babies do fall. please check if she has a swelling or not. If swelling is not there then no need to worry. If there is a swelling then put ice cube wrap in a cotton cloth for a while. The swelling and the pain will go away. And if the baby is still crying then you can consult a doctor.
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Question: My baby fell down from bed... His head from back has swelling what should i do??
Answer: Hello! Please do not stress out. Just apply cold water on the area. It will go away after some time. Also keep a watch on the baby. If the baby is drowsy or sleepy or vomiting then immediately take the baby to doctor. But if he is active then nothing to worry . Take care
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Question: My baby fell down from cot she hit on her head i m worried about that ..she get pain or not this is second time
Answer: Don't worry. Put some cold water or ice cube on that place immediately . If redness still pain or redness is there consultant doctor . You can give arnica 30. It's a homopethic medicine. Safe n effective for these type of pains for babies.
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