16 months old baby

Question: My girl baby 15months old iam planning to stop feeding i dnt knw how plz suggest me.iam having little milk flow if i stop feeding is it affects me,whether the segregation automatically stopped or not

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Answer: if you are planning to stop feeding you can introduce other form of milk like dilute aavin blue milk or cows milk just before few days you are planning to stop . try to give this extra milk along with your milk . once the baby is ready to take the extra milk you can stop feeding your baby in this way it will be easy for you to handle your baby when he cries for milk on the other hand since your milk flow is less , you can expel the milk when you feel your breasts are hard . repeat as and when required . when your breasts are extremely painful or you cannot handle or if your temperature has risen then you may go and get an injection done . since you flow is less I think you can handle it easily . as suggested by elders you can try putting few Jasmine flowers inside your braziers . it is believed to stop the milk secretion . or you can expel whenever you feel your breasts are hard . give adequate food for baby like rice at night so that he don't wake up and cry at night quite often for food or milk .
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    kavitha nivea704 days ago

    Thank u so much

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Answer: Eat sprouted green gram, oats- daily twice, milk ,eggs, carrots , leafy vegetables. It will increase breast milk.
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