7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My gestational sac is 11mm and yolk sac is present.... now im 5 weeks 1 day pregnant as per transvaginal screening...i have a great fear for my next scanning because its the heart beat test of the baby.. will my baby's heart beat be normal?

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Answer: Hi dear, There is absolutely nothing to worry.you have yolk sac present and the next would be heart beat.my baby's heart beat was also detected around 8 weeks.so donot worry.everything would be fine.it all depends on you beta HCG level.if it grows well,all th development would take place properly.
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Question: Hello Doctor. My LMP is 27th Oct. Based on this im 6 week pregnant. On 11th oct my 1st viability scan was done. In scanning the Gestational age is 5 weeks. And only the gestational sac is seen. No yolk sac , no Embryo. Doctor asked to repeat the scan after 2 weeks. Im so much worried. Why there is no yolk sac or heart beat. Will it b visible in next scan? Please clear my doubts and explain my condition.
Answer: Hi don't worry about this now. Think positive. It happens for few people. It happens to me also. And also it depends on Ur cycle days. Please wait and take complete rest. Repeat the scan. Hope for the best. Don't think about the scan. B tension free. Relax and pray well for the good result
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Question: Hi. I'm 6 weeks pregnant and got scan done today. Scan shows only yolk sac and gestational sac. My question is, when will be the baby's heart beat start..??
Answer: Hii dear don't worry. In some cases hesrt beat even comes In 13 week of pregnancy. So don't worry and keep ur diet well. U can visit doctor as per doctor.mist have advised u. Dont loose hope.
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Question: my scanning report is like this- Embryo/yolk sac not yet. I felt fear. what will happens next? is it any problem?
Answer: Don't worry dear. If the doctor had suggested another scan it will be visible in the next scan..stay positive dear
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