8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My g-sac is10mm and fetal pole is not seen means

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Answer: I trust nestle...its a good product for babies.
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Question: Hi dear I am 6week pregnant but still scan report is yolk sac not seen and fetal pole not seen.
Answer: hi dear ! we will have to wait for 1 more week and you will have to do the scans again to see if still anything visible. as from 6 weeks onwards the heartbeat should be heard. but in your case there is no yolk sac or fetal pole. lets us wait and do another scan to confirm. take care dear! i hope this information was helpful !
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Question: My ultrasound not seen fetal pole only small yolk sac is seen . Is it normal. My lmp date 1 January
Answer: Hi dear it's your last month period date is 1st of January and no fetal Pole is seen I am sure your doctor must have suggested you to take an ultrasound scan once again to check the fetal pole and I am sure this time it would be seen so please be positive and go for the ultrasound scan.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Today i went for gyno first visit. My lmp 23 dec. I should be 8 weeks pregnant. But doc said only 6 weeks growth is seen. And fetal pole not seen. G sac and yolk sac seen. Is this normal?
Answer: May be your are ovulation is late, because of this in sonography it will be showing 6 week growth Do sonography after 1 week for fetal viability.
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