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Question: My friend got positive result when she did the home test for twice, then she had all the changes in her body. Yesterday she had some spotting. Today she felt that some spotting, but when she went to the bathroom, little bit bleeding occurred. Why is that happened ???

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Answer: Hello dear, it's nice to see your concerned for your friend and ask your friend to download this app to ask question directly. See, my reading of spotting is common in early weeks of pregnancy but it should not continued for more than two to three days. Continuous bleeding in early pregnancy indicates high chances of miscarriage. If needed she should consult doctor as soon as possible. Tell her to take complete rest. Hope that will be helpful.
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Question: Hi, ma'am. My friend did test at home, when she was missed her period. The result was negitive but she got positive pregnancy rusult in BHCG. What is the reason for this.
Answer: Hi dear, The pregnancy kits are at times faulty.beta HCG blood test is mir accurate.also depends on when and whr time of the day did she it was too early like before 7 days of missed period ,then many women get n grove result.also taking a test in early mo Ning is encouraged as the urine would be concentrated and more Pregnancy hormones would be there compare to o diluted urine in day time.blood test beta HCG can detect Pregnancy hormones as low as 25 while in test kit it has to be more than 50 in sensitive kit.
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Question: My last period is january 31..and i did home pragnency test and its positive....but later i got some little bit bleeding ....again i did same home pragnancy ..its little bit light positive...whats that meaning
Answer: Do beta hCG test..will give you a correct result whether you are pregnant or not. Hope you will get to hear the good news.
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Question: Yesterday my babys first vaccination. Yesterday eve she have light fever then she vomiting some little bit vomit. That vomit is full water. But little bit only. Is this the reason of fever. Or anything serious. Pls tell me frns
Answer: Hello dear many babies get fever within 24hr of vaccination..your pediatrician must have told you this and gave paracetamol... vomiting once might be due to fever ...if vomiting or fever continue than u must the pediatrician.
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