15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My fasting sigar was 98 and after 2 hours 75 grams glucose intake it was 116 value is it is normal sugar level ,i am now 14 week pregnant

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Answer: Yes it is completely normal
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    mumtaz sultana830 days ago


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Question: Hi ! I'm 35 weeks 3 days pregnant. My GTT (75 gms) was 86 in fasting and 98 after 2 hrs. It was all normal. Within a month my sugar level shoot up and now I'm taking insulin 3 times a day. Can you suggest the foods I should intake to control my sugar level?
Answer: hi dear I am so sorry to hear that that your sugar level was all normal and it shot up all of a sudden.. please avoid sweetened stuff, whire bread, maida, pasta, dry fruits trans fat means packed and canned items. Hope this helps!
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Question: Now My sugar level 98 Fasting And pp(after lunch) 115 is it safe... Now 35 weeks
Answer: Hello! It is normal but still borderline. It is important that you have a restricted diet and lead a healthy lifestyle. Take care
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Question: fasting la sugar 102 after taken 75 gm glucose 140 is it normal
Answer: During pregnancy fasting glucose should be less than 95.pls follow strict diet
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