4 months old baby

Question: My episiotomy was gaped and also include anal sphincter.. doctor suggested me for minor surgery.. two weeks before my surgery was done but still my stitches aren't healed and stools passing from the stitched hole ... Pls suggest something

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Answer: Hello dear. Ideally stitches should be healed in a span of 2 weeks. I would suggeat you to consult doctor once and get it checked to know why they are not healing as I am afraid that any infection is not delaying it. So it can be confirmed only after check up. Meanwhile. Include veges soup twice a day in your diet and drink ajwai boiled water for keeping the stool smooth. Have fruits and more of liquids. Hope it helps.
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Question: I had normal delivery my stitches were 3 times the stiches that we normally have in normal delivery.one or two of my stitches opened before healing and its been3 months its not yet healed doctor asked me to apply betadine ointment and t bact I used both but nothing worked out the hole is still there and when ever I pass gas I feel the gas is released from the opening what should I do
Answer: Hello I went through the exact same thing. I too had twice the normal stiches and a couple opened up. U have to be very careful while standing and sitting sudden moments can cause ruptures. U should use iodine solution to clean ur stiches atleast 3 4 times a day. When u poop there are chances of the stich area getting contaminated so make sure u wash ur self very clean. Use hairdryer to dry ur wound for fast healing. If u feel pus formation of any kind it shows signs of infection pls go to ur doctor asap.
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Question: Hello.....my C-section was done.. From 10 I'm sitting on floor and doing bath for my baby. But from two days I'm getting pain on my stitches is it OK.....out side of stitches
Answer: Hi, no need to worry about sitting down .. but if Ur getting pain in stitches it might hv not healed up n pus might form.. just clean the stitches with Dettol water n apply the ointment given by Dr. If it's severe pls consult Dr .
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Question: Hi, is it normal to bleed while passing stools? I had this problem before pregnancy also, so doctor has suggested to take lactose solution. But still I'm facing bleeding and pain
Answer: Hi, it is nirmal. It is because of constipation. Have lots of water Have banana Have figs and prunes daily Have food rich in fibres likw green veges and carrots. It will help
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