36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My due date was on 14 feb according to lmp, but ultra sound report shows on 22 feb. Now that i have crossed all due date yet the baby is still floating, hasn't dropped down yet... i am afraid that my baby might eat its own toilet. People says that late born child eats their toilet and its harmful. Is it really harmful? What should i do? Please help

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Answer: hi if you are crossed yourduedate and if you have still not getting any kind of labour pains it is advisable to consult to the doctor and the doctor me do the required scans and check whether it is safe to wait or to induce labour or to advise you to go in for c-section please do not wait and immediately consult to the doctor for the further advice
Answer: Take care dear .. consult your doctor
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Question: My due date was given on feb 21 but my doctor says i have polyhydramniosis and delivery might be progressed in the month of January itself ...is this true are there any other complications?
Answer: You have not mentioned amniotic fluid index value Your consulting doctor must have ask you for some basic investigation like blood pressure or blood sugar levels to rule out any cause of increased amniotic fluid level. so without knowing this we cant predict any complications. but in this cases usually early delivery is proposed so you should follow your doctors advise
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Question: I got my periods on 7th jan.. After that my periods due date was 7th feb but i m 17days late n today on 25feb morning there is brown discharge and left side abdomen pain.. What to do..
Answer: Hi dear, It could be implantation bleeding.have you confirmed your pregnancy yet?brown discharge in initial stages is mostly due to sudden growth spurt.not to worry.you can go for your first scan in next week.
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Question: My last lmp is on 24 nov 2017 and doctors give me my expacted date on 31 aug 2018 but my ultra sound shows on oct 4 says that according to the fetal size it shows the date so i wonder does my baby not groeing well or my delivery date will be delay
Answer: Hi. This isnt possible you need to go for re scan dear. Consult your doctor regarding this. Good luck.n
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