32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My dr said they do cesseran on 35_36 week because of my uncontrolled BP before that they give injection for lungs maturity what does this injection

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Answer: Lung maturity injections are for to mature baby's lungs to provide sufficient amount of oxygen to baby.
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Question: What is lungs injection for maturity of a fetus of 36 week ?
Answer: Hi.. Betnesol injection is given in pregnancy if u are going to deliver a preterm baby to mature baby lungs. It is given 24 hrs prior to delivery. It is safe and given under doctor's guidance.
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Question: Its my 6th month of pregnancy. Doctor said that they will do the scanning on next week. Anyone plz tell me what kind of scanning is this?
Answer: It's to check the growth and formation of body parts of the baby....they will check if ur baby is growing properly and all the body parts are developing properly and water level is good or not.....hope my answer was helpful
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Question: Betnesol injection safe in pregnancy... I had miscarriage before this pregnancy and i m getting tummy tightening again and again but no pain my doc suggested yhis injection 2 dose anybody taken this... Pls reply this is one type of steroid they given for baby lungs development they said pls reply me anybody tk injection
Answer: Yea they checked my random sugar its normal after they gvn this ... They saying its artificial injection which gvn to Baby to proper lungs development if emergency or premature delivery occurs should not effect about baby health so gvn... I m praying god to HV another 1 month to my baby in womb to grow up....
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Question: My doctor prescribed be betnisol injection in 35weeks pregnancy for the maturity of the lungs of baby. Is there anyone else who were prescribed this injections. I read it on net this injections are of steroids..
Answer: I had this injection last week....2 injection with 24 hours gap....
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