15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My dr.has changes my medicines yesterday.She hs started iron calcium.but aftr having tht m feeling very low (bp) .does medicine effect this or is there any other reason?

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Answer: Hello, these are not the side effects of Iron and Calcium tablets . you might be having some low BP you can follow these remedies Soak some raisins in water overnight and consume in the morning on an empty stomach. You can also have the water in which the raisins were soaked. Follow this for a few weeks or even a month.     You can drink a cup of beetroot juice for about one week, on a daily basis.  hope this helps.
Answer: Talk to your doc abt it,as she may change the medicines...
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Question: Hiii this is my 5th month started but i m feeling any movement is there any problems
Answer: It's ok dear ideally pregnant ladies start feeling around 19-24 weeks. But if it's your first pregnancy than you might feel bit later. According to the baby growth initially the movements are not that intense and you feel occasionally. Those gentle fluttering feelings in your tummy (quickening) are your baby's movements.  But if you had a baby before than you might feel as early around 13-16 weeks. But if you didn't feel till 24 weeks do check with your doctor. She will check baby heartbeat.
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Question: M feeling restless and tired my bp is low form two dayz ...any suggestion any side effect of low bp on my baby ..help me
Answer: Hi, low BP causes dizziness and tiredness you should intake the relevance of salt in your diet which will help to maintain your blood pressure levels you should take fresh lime water twice a day you should also take date as it has salt and and coconut water is also very good for you you should take good rest as this will help you to maintain your BP levels have salty nuts. this will help don't worry it will not affect the baby
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Question: I am having low BP so my head s paining a lot is there any solution ? Low is Bp s any risk this time
Answer: A normal BP reading is below 120/80 . though Low BP wont impact much but still at extreme low may create severe issues. 1. Eat a diet high in salt 2. Improve your fluid intake 3. Avoid lifting heavy object 4. You may feel dizzy after meals, try eating smaller, more frequent meals.
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