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Question: My dr. Prescribed me "Susten 200 " from vagina. Bt after 20 minutes of take this capsule from my vagina, it's leak out.... What should i do..?.. Or is it Normal?.. Plz rply.....

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Answer: It's normal. Try to put it as back as possible
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Question: i take capsule from my vagina. But after 20 minutes of take this capsule, this are leak out from my vagiba...what should i do.? Or is it normal?
Answer: After insert capsule you should sleep in side lying position at least 15 min.aftet that u can change your position .
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Question: My doctor has prescribed me susten 300 capsule to be inserted vaginally at night. Because of that i am getting some white powdered discharge at day time which is causing itching in my vagina. Should I stop taking this capsule?
Answer: Hi, no you should not stop if doctor prescribed. Please consult doctor and inform same. We can take susten capsule by oral also
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Question: My doctor asked me to take susten 200 capsule in vagina. Can anyone share some information on this
Answer: Yaaa me also used susten through vagina...its a synthetic harmone which is helpful for development of baby
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