38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My doctor told to me join in hsptl tomorrow. But delivery date is Dec 9 there is no complications very less. Than what I have to do. I am so tensed plz answer me

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Answer: No need to worry ma'am,.be strong every thing will be all right. Think positive
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Question: Hello doctor...My due date is 25th Nov based on LMP....but my due date in scan report s 4th Dec ....which date is correct for delivery??Still now I have no pain..so my doc told me to take scan on 25 th Nov and meet..now I m so tensed and worried abt my delivery..
Answer: Don't take tension.there is buffer of 7 days. So if due date is 25th Nov ,you can expect till 2nd Dec. Sometime there is no pain till due date, so doctor needs to induced pain by inserting malam or injection. But just keep observing movement of baby.
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Question: I have completed 9 month of pregnancy but still there is no sign of labour doctor told me for normal delivery so my sister in law told me to take warm milk with ghee for easily to deliver baby
Answer: Hi,Dear Yes you can try taking ghee,with warm milk,u r 40 weeks pregnant Normal delivery depends on the condition of pregnancy. ..if there s  no complication such as  babys position .cervix size ..babys  heart beat ..then normal delvry ll be...so u should try these remedies.. Go 4 a walk daily for 15 to 30 min.daily  twice a day.. Take healthy diet..as fresh fruits gren veg paneer cheese butter...Dont take stress otherwise Bp ll high .nd it s diificult to go 4 normal delvery..Go 4 yoga .. as alom vilom ,suryanamshkar, cat pose ,tree pose, triangle pose , butterfly pose ..u can do bith ball exercise...Birthball s a simply exercise ball..it used get relief for pelvic pressure .it help u to prepare 4 labour.. Do all house hold work..wishing you a healthy baby and safe delivery
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Question: My delivery date is 14 jan doctor told me i have normal delivery but yet their is no pain so give me some advise.
Answer: If u have not yet get pain doctor will give u a date and thy induce pain through some medicine dont worry aftr tht u definitely get pain....
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