13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My doctor sugeested me Innofol Hb and Cipcal 500 is it safe

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Answer: Hi dear if you are doctor has suggested these medicines to you they are safe and importance to in your pregnancy because innofol HB is for hemoglobin and Cipcal 500 is for calcium and both are very much needed in your pregnancy.. Hope this helps ..
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Question: My doctor suggeated me Ferrium FCM 500 mg injection..... Is it safe at this time...
Answer: Dear if your hemoglobin is less than 10 or it is 8 then you will need iron injections as of now because you will be preparing for delivery in coming few weeks and at that time iron will be very much needed because at delivery time a lot of blood is lost and if you do not have a good hemoglobin level you may undergo ischemic shock your body will not be able to cope up the stress so I will recommend you that you must take the iron shots as they will be very beneficial at the time of delivery and you will be able to deliver properly but if you do not take this shots and you rely on food iron only then you might not even reach up to 11 so it is very important that you consider the advice. Take the injection it is safe.
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Question: My doctor has prescribed me to take susten rs300 and proluton depot 500. Is it safe.?
Answer: Hi yes this medicines are safe is prescribed by a doctor and should be taken as per the doctor's course of medication prescribed also the sun the tablet that will help to maintain hormonal levels in the body which will help to support the pregnancy so you should complete the course under doctors guidance
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Question: I was down with viral,my doctor has given me zocef 500, is it safe
Answer: Hi dear,if ur doctor has prescribed it. Then its ok...don't worry..
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