14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My docotr has suggested me nt/nb scan..wat us it?and she said it is not an compulsion...par karalo to thik rehta hai to mujhe kya karna chahie??jada ultrasound wont harm my child???plz koi bataye..

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Question: I am 12 week pregnant. When should one go for NT/NB scan ? Is it an important scan ? I got to know about it from a friend. My doctor did not asked me for this scan.
Answer: A nuchal scan or nuchal translucency (NT)scan/procedure and Nasal Bone(NB) scan is very first scan to detect cardiovascular abnormalities in a fetus. they also look for the thickness of the nuchal fold and whether the baby has a nasal bone yet. An overly thick nuchal fold and/or absence of the nasal bone can be markers for Down syndrome. If any issue found in the report then doctor will ask for another level scans like Double marker tests. It is better to get it done. You can talk to your doctor about it and get it done.
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Question: My dr suggested me to do nt,nb scan wat is the reason?
Answer: A nuchal scan or nuchal translucency (NT) scan/procedure is a sonographic prenatal screening scan (ultrasound) to detect cardiovascular abnormalities in a fetus, though altered extracellular matrix composition and limited lymphatic drainage can also be detected. This is a usual scan that is recommended for all expectant mothers!
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Question: Hi nw im in my 4th month...i hv an ultrasound scan in 2nd mnth..my dr not suggested NTscan to me...is it ok??
Answer: Hi Usually NT scan ll be recommended in 18-22 weeks and you are just 14 weeks and please do wait doctor may prescribe if not you can ask to doctor for anamoly scan which is important in pregnancy..take care
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