11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My doc has suggeested to take HCG injections for 12 week.. why these injections are important?

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Answer: Take lemon water n coconut water..it will give u energy.. i tried this
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Question: Hi.. my doc has given me hcg and susten injections for weekly once and suggested for NT/NB scan in 12th week. Plz tell me are injections necessary and why is NT NB scan necessary?
Answer: Hcg injection is given to increase the growth of existing placenta and the developing embryo-baby Susten will help to improve fetal blood flow Ntnb scan reveals proper baby's growth and also detects risk percentage for downs syndrome by showing the nasal bone formation level and nuchal translucency Do not worry. Take the tabs aswell as the usg. Keep me updated with the results do not worry.
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Question: Hi.. i am 7 weeks pregnant, doc advised me to take hcg and susten injections weekly once because am having subchrorionic collection measuring 1.4*0.6 cms... And doc has suggested for NT/NB scan in 12 th week...plz tell if these injections are necessary and why is NT/NB scan recommended??
Answer: You should follow your doctor and should take injections.NT scan is important every pregnant women should be undergone to this scan.It is useful for detection of down's syndrome in baby.So follow your gync because she knows everything about your health.Tc.
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Question: Why has doctor recommended me progesterone injection and hcg injections for first tremester? Are these injections needed?
Answer: Hi! These injections are needed to suatain the pregnancy and if the Dr. feels there is a probable threat to the Embryo they suggest injections, hence if your Dr. has suggested u can take them no issues. Good luck..
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