38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My delivery done through emergency c- section on 11-11-2019 bt yet my milk is not coming properly only after too much efforts few drops coming , i m very tensed about it as i m unable to provide my breast milk to my loving baby, i m feeling very helpless , somebody help me pls what should I do

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Answer: Dear it's very common. First 4 days even i was unable to produce milk but aftr that baby suckion nd gud jeera helps me more. Take jaggry n jeera wid desi ghee
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Question: I have not delieverd yet.. i dont know what to do about it.. i m very tensed... My dr told me to wait for the coming monday
Answer: Hi dear stay calm and be positive by getting stressed ur pressure may go high which will be a problem during delivery . As ur time is nearing to deliver think of the cute little baby ur going to have soon in ur arms the 9 months long period will get over. Tc be happy .
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Question: Hi i m 11 weeks pregnent. But few drops of blood cloat coming yesteday and today morning. Is it dengerous? I really got tensed.
Answer: Blooding during pregnancy is common, but you shouldn't take it lightly, immediately consult your doctor, she will prescribed u medicines to stop it. Don't stand for long time, avoid walk, stairs and hot food. Try to take maximum rest. It will be fine with time
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Question: I had my c secion 25 days earlier. Till now i m not getting milk properly. Only few drops are coming. That also not everytime. How can i get milk properly to feed my baby
Answer: Hi, take proper diet. Eat green vegetables, take protein rich diet. Drink adequate amout of water. Have roasted cumin seeds with water or milk as u like. Include garlic in ur food.
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