12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My delivery date is on 20-09-19 and my exam is on 2-10-19 can i write my exam 10days after my delivery is it possible!? Plsss answer me

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Answer: See.. only 5 perc babies are delivered on their due date.. if u have urgency get c sec done near ur due date.. normal delivery may take more days beyond due date
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Question: feb 19 is my delivery date ... then how i can be in 39 week pls answer?,
Answer: hello.. dear you are almost very near to your delivery dear..Infants born at 39 or 40 weeks of pregnancy are considered full term. Full-term infants have better health outcomes than do infants born earlier or, in some cases, later than this period.. Therefore, if the mother and baby are healthy, it is best to deliver at or after 39 weeks to give the infant's lungs, brain, and liver time to fully develop.You'll start losing weight right away. if you have bleeding then you need to contact your doctor..
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Question: my doctor advice me that my delivery date is april 11....& healofy suggested that my delivery date is 11march..which date is write ??pls answer mam
Answer: Hi dear, It is not possible to have a one month gap.kindly let me know your last menstrul period date.
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Question: My due date is 23sept but my Dr said around 10days any time delivery will happen is it possible
Answer: It t true. Delivery can happen anytime after 37 weeks. Good Luck. Take care :)
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