40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My delivery date is 14th december but still not delivered my baby. can you please tell me why is it getting delayed and what can be done to induce labor soon?

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Answer: Wait until your edd...after that your doctor will look the favourable signs of labour...and decide whether to induce...or...c.. section
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Question: My estimated delivery date is dec 11. But still now no labor pain..today doctor checked me and told that still cervix not get opened..so please guide me what i have to do induce labor pain naturally.
Answer: Actually ur case is just like mine....dont get panic first of all...there are some cases in which natural labour doesnot initiate at all...and it need to be induced...walking only will help....(but in my case even that didnt help..i went for c section after induction of labor)
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Question: Can you please tell me what is doppler test... And why it is done?
Answer: Hello dear. Doppler ultrasound uses sound waves to detect the movement of blood in vessels. It is used in pregnancy to study blood circulation in the baby, uterus and placenta .  All the best.
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Question: According to healofy and my doctor suggestion today is my due date, but am still not feeling any labor symptoms, can anyone tell why it happening so?
Answer: It happened with some ladies. Mostly in case of first pregnancy.You should visit your doctor she night induce pain through injection then you will go into labour.
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