2 months old baby

Question: My daughter was 4.4 at birth,after two months she is 5.4,is she good r could be still better

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Question: My baby birth weight was 2.6. Now he is two months old his weight is 4.4 is it okay or should be increase
Answer: Hi Dear! Its is fine, according to the birthweight, only notice baby needs to double it by 6 months of age fr which 800 gm more needs to be increased.. otherwise if baby is active, pee and poop count is fine u dont need to worry.. Hope this helps!
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Question: My daughter is 6 months old n her birth weight was 2.6 kg,now she is of 5.4 kg.is this ok or underweight she is.plz reply
Answer: Hello She is normal dear.. By 6 months Baby should attain double her birth weight..
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Question: my daughter is peeing less today in comparison to other days, n she is feeling also well, then wht could be the reason?? she is two months old.
Answer: if she pees less than 6 times in a day then she must be dehydrated. please try to feed her more often. More you feed the baby she will pee more. in this summer its normal to get dehydrated. don't worry just keep feeding her
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