1 months old baby

Question: My daughter is one month old... Since birth lots of water from one eye....using drop also...

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Answer: Hllo dear ur baby s 1 months old Dear ur babies tear ducts may not be fully developed in one or both eyes .this can cause her or his watery eyes. So Waiting and watching are the only things recommended for mild cases of watery eyes, as the condition resolves on its own. Cleaning your baby’s eyes with cotton and filtered water to prevent accumulation of any discharge which could lead to infections. Massaging the tear duct a few times a day using mild pressure can help release any clogging, allowing the duct to develop fully. This method is known as milking. Using antibiotic eye medications to relieve symptoms that might be caused due to infections. Washing your baby’s eyes out under the guidance of a paediatric ophthalmologist to remove any irritants. If a virus causes watery eyes, you might have to wait for around a week to see if it goes away. If it does not, please consult your child’s paediatrician immediately.try it
Answer: Pls avoid the mobile tv .consult the doctor
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Question: My daughter is 2 months 12 days old, right from her birth water is coming from her one eye..we are using eye drops but later on from last one month water is coming from another eye also. Is this normal or any issue? Please suggest.
Answer: My daughter had that for a few weeks after birth. At tgat time doctor said, its because the link between eye snd nose is not developed yet so tge tears are not getting drained.. he asked us to massage downwards, the joint between nose and eye. She had tge problem solved in 4+weeks.. i am not sure if its the same case with you.. but you can try massaging.
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Question: Can i give mezol eye drop to my 40 days old baby.i her eye there is infection and water is also come from eye.
Answer: Give any medication according to doctor prescription but don't try anything on your own knowledge which may cause harm to baby, either the issue is small or big visit your pediatrician
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Question: Hii my daughter is 30 days old from today morning from her one eye water is flowing
Answer: Please show the doctor as soon as possible.. may be due to an infection
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