3 months old baby

Question: My daughter is having eaching in her ears, wot can i do

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Question: My daughter is having some hairs on her forehead and ears... What should i do?
Answer: I can understand your anxiety. Give baby good oil massage with olive oil or almond oil or any oil. Now wash baby with besan and turmeric mixture, you can also use bath powder instead of besan. It helps to soften skin, moisturise it, remove extra hair and give complexion to the skin. You can follow this twice a week. Take care
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Question: Hello my daughter is 6 months old nd she mostly rub her ears. Wht can i do. Should i pour some oil in her ears or anything else. Wht can be the reason for rubbing ears nd eyes too
Answer: Rubbing ears means the indication of teething. The babies gets irritated so they rub their ears and eyes. My daughter does the same. So, my doctor recommended ostocalcium syrup i.e 5ml in the morning and night. This will put them better sleep and less fussy.
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Question: my daughter is 7mnths old..and vry often she pulls her ears..is she is having pain in her ears or pblm is smthng else.. can i put few drops of sarso oil in her ears
Answer: Sarso oil doctor says no to it. But I used it for my daughter. It's important to check the purity of mustard oil before using it. I will not suggest you because I don't know you have pure one or not.
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