3 months old baby

Question: My daughter is 3 months and 1week, last night she had temperature up-to 99.7 f, so I gave her paracetamol drops, is it OK? And what will be the cause?

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Answer: Please do not self medicate the baby.Fever id persistent needs to be checked by your doctor.It usually is due to an infection,the source of which needs to be established.Your doctor might want to do a few tests to find out the reason for fever and treat it accordingly.
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Question: Few days before my baby had cold.. GA e her drops and it was fine.. Now she got fever.. 99.5 F.. Doctor gave paracetamol drops. I'm really worried what's causing her fever
Answer: Fever is common when baby has cold Don't worry It is cold and fever Give saline spray and clean nose frequently Give slight steam from distance Keep her rehydrated well Make her rest well Give medicine as per doctors advice Heat oil add camphor to it and apply on chest and back so block gets released Don not let temperature run for more time give sponging with warm water
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Question: My 3 months baby got fever last night (post vaccination) and gave paracetamol drops and since he is breastfed what food can i intake to get cured soon ..
Answer: It does not depend upon your food intake.. Fever and pain will be there for 3 days don't worry.
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Question: My daughter body temperature is 98F should I take her to the hospital orshoukd give her paracetamol drops ?
Answer: 98.6 Fahrenheit is normal body temperature.. If the baby is active and taking feeds well.. Then no problem.. Check pee count.. You need to worry if baby is not active.. Not taking feeds and crying continuously..
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