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Question: My daughter is 2 months old she used to poop twice every day but from Sunday onwards she hasn't pooped, she also burps twice after every feed ( I breastfeed her). I'm not understanding why she is suddenly stopped pooping. tell me Wat to do??

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Question: My baby is pooping after every feed. Sometimes it's dark green or greenish yellow. She used to poop twice a day but now she poops after almost every feed. Should I be concerned? Should I visit her doctor? A lot of saliva is dropping from her mouth lately as she always puts her hands into her mouth.
Answer: Hi dear. small babies can propose everytime in a day they can put after each and every field so don't worry much about the same but are the symptoms which you are is describing a totally indicating towards teething. there are some babies who cracked their teeth at an early age of 3 months are you will have to make sure if your baby's gums are swollen or if there is any kind of white Patch on your baby's exam if it is so then your baby is going to start teaching process but if this is not the case then baby can also poop in green colour due to imbalance of fore milk and Hind milk so make sure to feed your baby from every breast for at least 15 minutes . moreover if you are taking any kind of iron supplement and you are giving any kind of iron supplement to your baby even then your baby can poop in green colour . if you are eating more of green leafy vegetable or any other brain food even then your baby's food can be of green colour . I hope this information will help you
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Question: I need help. My dd completed 6 months last week Monday and was ebf. Tuesday onwards I'm giving semi solids along with BM. She hasn't pooped all day yesterday. Pee count is 10+. She had the same food for last 2 days (boiled apple in morning, rice and dal in evening). Sunday she pooped twice, Monday not at all. I'm very worried she is getting constipated. Shall I stop giving solids and put her on BM only? Will that help in pooping?
Answer: Hi dear As baby is just now starting solid diets digestion may disturb at start..fo not worry...reduce the solid diet counts to 1 time a day and once digestion is ok make it twice.. For babies constipation you can soak some 4-5 kismis(black kismis for effective result) in warm water and let it for an hour and give the water to baby..it helps baby to relieve from constipation... Also apply some castor oil around baby's belly and give gentle massage in clockwise motion for 10 min it reduce babies body heat and helps to relieve from constipation
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Question: My daughter is on breastfeed she used to poop after 3 to 4 days ...but nowadays she is pooping 3,4 times a day wat should i do ? Plz someone suggest
Answer: no problem dear ... if your baby is pooping 3 or 4 times that means the baby is getting plenty of milk . if the babies pooping more than 5 times in a lose motion, then you should consult the doctor .
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