2 months old baby

Question: My daughter is 2 months old she used to poop twice every day but from Sunday onwards she hasn't pooped, she also burps twice after every feed ( I breastfeed her). I'm not understanding why she is suddenly stopped pooping. tell me Wat to do??

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Question: My baby is 6 monthmy baby is 5month 20days old and she poop very frequently and watery after every feed..my pediatrician gave medicines for diarrhea..still she poop frequently..from the birth time she poop many times a days but after 4months she starts pooping 3 to 4 times a day..but now she poop frequently and watery after every feed..
Answer: Hello dear Ur baby digestion is not developed till now, thats why he is eating and passing motion. I would advise you to have Dashmularisht which is good for digestion that indirectly would go to baby through your milk, also u can have ajwain,saunf after every meal that would keep you n baby free from digestion problems.
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Question: My daughter is 50days old shegot her six weeks vaccine after 4days she stopped pooping and doctor prescribed glycerin suppository after using that she passed her motion but again she stopped passing her motion..before vaccination she use to poop around8times a days little she is on breastfeed plz suggest how can i make my baby poopr
Answer: My daughter 84 days baby reddish mark in backside head little big size only red marks only no pain or wounds is there baby playing normally
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Question: My baby poop after her every feed.. in a day she goes 3 to 4 times... Is it normal
Answer: It is normal for a breast feed baby to poop upto 6times a day... It wud even vary from child to child
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