3 years old baby

Question: My daughter continuesly using mobile how can I overcome her

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Answer: Dear.. What I have learned from my son about mobile and TV is to go completely restrict the timing.. Fix a particular time for it... Rest of the time try to involve the baby in different activities or take to the garden.. Also arrange play dates at home... All these works well and slowly the child moves away from the screen time.. Take care.. Happy parenting dear friend.
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Question: My daughter 4.10y. How to overcome bedwetting
Answer: Hello dear.. These steps will helps you incontrolling bed wetting in night,.. Make a habit of using restroom before bed is essential, so that they won't pee in midnight Limit the intake of fluids ,after six in eve,it will help a lot Set an alarm for couple of hours,and make him wake-up to use rest room, continuous practice will helps to identify natural call without help
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Question: My baby is using mobile phones too mach. How to change her habit
Answer: Hi Mom, u just try to play with her .. don't live her alone.. Children will learn from parents only.. if Ur baby age is capable enough to understand the things explain Ur baby what is good n bad about mobile phone. Tel her stories. Take to park. Infront of Ur baby u also don't use phone more just take important calls.. hopefully Ur baby will change the habit.. tc
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Question: My daughter uses mobile very much.what to do get her mobile.? When i am at home.she wants mobile
Answer: Try to involve the baby in lot of activities, take her to the park, play with her, arrange play dates at home. These will help a lot.
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