1 months old baby

Question: My daughter breathes heavily after having formula milk it seems as if she snores she will clear her throat as something is choked what can be the problem

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Question: My daughter is 5 years old. she complain stomach pain after having milk in d morning. what can be the reason for it.
Answer: Hello... My daughter is 6 yrs old and she too suffers from same problem... I consulted doctor many a times... He gave medicines initially but because the problem was occurring again and again, he advised me to not give milk to her early morning on an empty stomach.. Best to give milk to kids during night time while going to bed... If she has a habit of drinking milk in morning then first let her eat something and then have milk... Secondly, give her cow milk... Its the best... This problem is known as Irritable Bowel Syndrome which is quite common in kids... Milk worsens the condition... Don't give much of medicines... Just take care of her eating habits and that what u mentioned before... This will definitely help her... Like it did to my daughter... Thank you!
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Question: My baby vomits every time she feeds... Even when I try to burp she vomits. After feeding she feels uncomfortable as if something is struck in her throat.
Answer: Maybe the baby is over feeding...I consulted with doctor..She told me same as I had similar issue..its ok if baby is vomitng curdled milk it means over eating..And to avoid it is burping after every feed...Keeping upright for atleast few mins before putting to bed..And place head 30 degree above body level..
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Question: Hello, while feeding to baby she get milk choked in her throat. What should i do to avoid it .
Answer: Dear it is normal and happens usually. You just need to burp the baby immediatrly and keep the baby in upright position while feeding. Hope it helps.
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