8 months old baby

Question: My daughter 7.5month old..shes having fever many times...wat is d solution..when we give medicines fever will go..again it starts...can u please suggest??

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Answer: Dear if fever is coming frequently then it can be viral or some underlying problems so its better to check with doctor about it..
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Question: Hi wat kind of food can we give to 5 month baby how many times should I give plz suggest
Answer: Solid food should start from 6 month because solid foods aren’t as nutritious as breast milk or formula. Solid food can be lower in good nutrition and higher in calories, which can cause obesity. Solid foods are harder to swallow. A baby may not be developed enough to swallow solid food properly before the age of 6 months. Solid food may increase the risk of health problems.
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Question: Hlw mam. My daughter is 46 days old . How many times we give formula milk..????
Answer: you have to feed to baby ones for every 2hours. one thing why formula why not breastfeeding​ milk. of course i don't know the reason. but better to give breastfeed only up to 6thvmonth
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Question: Hi.. my baby is having fever since yesterday.. it becomes less when medicines are given but again it raises after 2-3 hours..plz suggest something
Answer: you can put a wet cloth on the forehead of the baby . you should also consult a doctor and the doctor will give you the syrup .
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