7 years old baby

Question: My daughter 6year 9month but she is very weak her wait only 13 kg pls some tips wait gain

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Answer: Hi Dear! Being lean and healthy is fine but not chubby and unhealthy, if ur babies are healthy yet lean i wud say pls dont worry u r on a right track but if babies r unhealthy means they fall sick a lot then there is a concern.. I wud suggest u to check ur home page fr a guidance on thd diet becz i think we shud not restrict their diet at 6 yrs becz the growth is rapid and they shud hv everything happily, pls offer whatever food u hv on a daily basis so that babies r not deprived of anything.. Hope this helps!
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Question: My daughter is too weak ,and she donot want to eat according to her age , eat a little , her waight is 15 kg ..I m very worried about her waight , plz suggest some tips to waight gain
Answer: Hi, dear a healthy weight of 5 years baby should be 18kg and your baby's weight is 15 kg ehich is less but if baby is active then there is nothing to worry about it. See little buddies are very moody. You have to care for his mood. Make food morecolorful and design rich. It mean you have to decorate his/her plate before giving him.Want him/her eat more?--Give him a big plate and put more stuff in it instead of small plate and smallquantity of food in it so kids will eat less. Compare--Sit along your children and tell him thathis/her friend living in front of our house drinks milk very much and he should also drink milk.Prepare environment of comparison. It will help a lot.
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Question: Hello dr my daughter is 10 month old she is very weak tips for wait gain
Answer: Hello mom . U can give ur daughter rich deit . These is ideal deit plan for it baby :- Feed your baby 5 times regularly. Three proper meal and two snacks and always prepare her food in ghee or butter. Breakfast- idly with breast milk, formula upma, formula mashed dosa, roti with milk, mashed snack , boiled apple puree, mashed banana, veg soup, fresh juice and ragi with milk. Lunch - dal roti, dal rice, mashed khichdi , sooji ka halwa, cerelac . Dinner - sooji kheer, nestum, cerelac by 8 pm , u can keep feeding your baby breast milk or formula milk as needed between the meal .
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Question: my baby is 24 days old.. and she is very weak.. her wait is nt increasing.. plz suggest some tips
Answer: hello.. dear you cannot give anything to that much small baby.. the only natural way to increase the weight of your baby is your breastfeeding.. so i suggest you to breastfeed her properly for every three to four hours... and also see that your baby should sleep for 14-16 hours.. take care and enjoy the baby milestones..
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