20 months old baby

Question: My child z of 17 months old she not interested to eat any thing please help me

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Answer: Hi! for babies 1 to 2 years of age is a very crucial time because babies explore a lot of their surrounding the learn a lot and in today's age baby imply there then also on the daily life so what happens is the focus on food gets shifted totally and they do not want to eat anything if you look around you will find this problem in every household almost with the toddlers now what you can do with C pushing food is not going to help because the baby might vomit the baby my term have a food aversion which which is very bad so you need to give it sometime you need to include the baby in all family meals and best if you include the baby in the dining table when everyone sets and have their meals baby will copy them copy you all and baby will start having it please enter is the baby to self eat so that baby has interest towards the food try to add a little variety and colour to the babies plate so that it helps the baby to have that interest on the food there is nothing to be worried about you will definitely see a major change once the baby crosses two years that I am sharing with my personal experience not only with my baby but with other babies as well.. Hope this helps!
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Answer: Hi, in infants and toddlers persistently dry diapers are a sign of dehydration.if your baby is less than 6 months and produces to no urine in 4-6 hours, if your toddler produces little to no urine in 6-8 hours, your baby may be dehydrated.take care of your baby
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