2 months old baby

Question: My child doing potty many times in a day is it okay

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Answer: Yes it's okay...some babies even do potty 10-15 times a day..it's normal upto 6 months... don't worry 😊
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Question: My baby is doing potty 5 times in a day is it ohk
Answer: Baby may poops ones in u day or 7time in one one day. It is normal dear.. don't worry.. to be of ur baby Hope this answer will help you
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Question: Baby is doing watery potty many times in a day? What to do?
Answer: Hi dear,For this I have to know if ur baby is breastfed or not.If breastfed then it is nothing to worry.but if not then giving u some remedies-...give plenty of liquid to baby....dried cereals,bread,rice will also help to prevent watery stool.
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Question: How many times newborns do potty a day my baby is 16 days old nd she is doing liquid type potty 9,10 times a day is it normal ??
Answer: Motions 9 to 10 times is a higher account. There can be lactose intolerance or infection concerning to this. Consult your pediatrician to evaluate and treat accordingly.
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