13 months old baby

Question: My child 12months old but he didn't get teeth. Is there any problem

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Answer: Hi, even my child had a same problem, evn she didn't get teeth tell 1 year 2 months, as I consulted a doctor they said it was due to vitamin d deficiency and Even protein.......so try to give more vitamin d rich foods and more Amt of protein rich foods
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Question: Hi my son was 10months old still he didn't teeth why?. Is there any problem?
Answer: hi dear don't worry this is not a problem but some babies get teeth little later in some babies will get little episode so this is a lot problem the calcium intake of the baby my be less so please try to give both calcium rich food to baby you can give more milk dates drumstick leaves this helps to increase the calcium level and also if your baby don't get teeth after one and half years please consult the doctor and do the concern test
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Question: Hi my son didn't get his teeth now he is 12months.Is there any problem?
Answer: No need to worry....some kids...it will take time.....gently press his gums....if it is hard.....sign that about to come...anyways when to go to vacanation...put one word to your doctor
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Question: My baby is 14months old.. he didn't get teeth yet.. is there need to consult doctor...
Answer: Don't worry dear sometimes babies will need time. Give more calcium supplements. You can give one egg daily. It wil make l teething process faster
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