22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My cervical length is 4.4 CM. Internal OS is closed. Is it OK??

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Answer: Hi, everything is normal nothing to worry about.
Answer: Yes.. Above 3cm all are fine
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    Archana Reddy259 days ago


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Question: Madam cervical length is 3.1 cm and internal os is closed means
Answer: cervix is the lower part of the uterus that connects to the vagina which is normally closed, rigid and at least 3 centimeters long. During pregnancy, your cervix will gradually soften. The length of the cervix is expected to shorten as a pregnancy progresses. The external os is the end of the cervix that opens into the vagina. So normal to be closed. You can see a doctor as your cervix is abit lengthy at this point.
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Question: cervical length is 4.0 and internal os is closed means ?
Answer: At 24 weeks gestation, the average cervical length is 3.5 cm. so your is 4 it near about average so normal no need to worry.... Internal OS is the upper end of the cervix that opens into the uterus.Your cervix should stay closed, safely sealed with a mucus plug, throughout pregnancy and until your baby is due to be born. The scan will check for signs of your cervix opening too soon, before your baby is due. so your is closed so it's normal... Everything is alright and normal...
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Question: Hii my internal os is closed and cervical length is 40mm.is it normal?
Answer: Hi dear,yes it is absolutely normal in 28 weeks of pregnancy. Your cervix length should be 3.5 to 5 cm. 4 centimetre of cervical length is very good. Internal OS should closed in 36 weeks of pregnancy. Nothing to worry about, take care.
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Question: My cervical length is 4.4 cm..is it normal?
Answer: Hi dear, Cervical length refers to the length of the lower end of your uterus. During pregnancy. It is normal to have 4.4 cm. Eat healthy and balanced food.
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