20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My breasts are feeling so heavy that i am unable to sit. I took new and larger bras but its not helping. I have too much of heaviness and pain. Please help.

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Answer: Hello! Heaviness is common. I would suggest you to go for maternity bra. This give a well support to the breast and helps to reduce the pain. Also apply warm compress on the breast, for this dip a hand towel in warm water and apply it on the breast. Continue doing it till you feel little better. Take care
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Question: Too much milk supply i have so much pain and heaviness baby drinks very less milk...baby keeps on sleeping
Answer: Hi dear dont worry slowly gradually ur baby will increase more of milk intake but if u get kore of pain then do express some milk to avoid any such pain. U can also assafe ur breast before giving feed to ur baBy for the removal of accumulation of milk.
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Question: My breasts are hurting too much but i am not pregnant
Answer: Hello, Dear sometimes because of hormonal changes it can happen. In your periods or before or after periods you can feel breast tenderness or pains. It's normal. Just have a warm water bath or massage your breast it will be fine..
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Question: My breasts are normal I am not feeling anyting new. Is there any risk that my baby after birth will not get breasts milk. Please give me suggestion.
Answer: For some moms there won't be any difference. It varies from person to person which will not hinder from producing milk
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