7 months old baby

Question: My breastfed baby is 9.5 kg now. Is this an overweight in 6 month.. we started solid foods yesterday only... Is it any thing to be concerned... His doctor said he is overweight.. i am really worried... How can i control his over weight..

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Question: Hi mommies, my little guy is 6 month old...his birth weight is 3.25kg and now 6 kg. he's active and happy kid. only thing is he keeps sucking his fingers. should i be worried about his weight?? he is exclusively breastfed till 5 and half months..
Answer: Hi mommy.. dont worry about it.. this is very normal and babies do it to soothe themselves.. baby will leave it on its own after some time
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Question: my baby just completed 6 months and her weight is only 6.3kg doctor said we need to start some vitamins. I just started solid food, it will help to increase weight or i need to start vitamins. plz suggest
Answer: hello.. dear talk to your doctor.. actually the weight of your baby should be around 7.5 kg.. as you started solids.. ask him can the vitamins will be gained and feed him naturally through food..Once you start serving solid food, your baby may be getting more vitamins and minerals than you think – especially if he eats fortified foods, which often have added vitamin A, zinc, and folate. Check food labels. trust and follow your doctor suggestion.
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Question: My baby is 9 month old and his weight is 10 kg. Doctor said my baby os over weighted.. Plz suggest wt i should do
Answer: Dear please relax. My daughter was always overweight and what my doc told me I will say the same to you. The moment babies start physical activity more the weight or the baby fat will go away. Just you have to make your baby crawl or walk more often. If the baby is healthy and active then there is nothing to be worried. Hope it helpsm
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