21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: My breast leaking from 18th week..so should i wear bra??

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Question: when i wear bra then milk supply reduces. I felt it and when not wear bra then one side breast starts leaking while feeding only left breast. Why it is so? how to improve milk supply of right side?
Answer: Hi Do feed baby both sides equally so that lactation ll regulate on both side...also use next size bra than what you uae regularly as you wear tight one your lactation ll be supressed
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Question: Should I wear bra, m feeling lil breathlessness if I wear so
Answer: If u feel so then avoid or wear loose fitting bra not too tight as it creates pressure on ur breast and u feel breathkessness its common.
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Question: My breast is leaking all times.. Can i wear bra.. Is it safe during feeding
Answer: Yes you can wear bra. There is some nursing bras are there in the market you can have that
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