1 months old baby

Question: My breast is very painful during feed my baby

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Answer: Dear new mommy, I can understand what you are going through. First few months of breastfeesing can be very troubling for every mother. There is a lot of milk secretion, but your baby is not too hungry to drink all of it. Whenever your breast becomes full and hard, it can be very painful. You can get immediate relief by pouring bearable hot water on your breast and extracting the milk out by pressing around the nipples. You may use a breast pump to extract the milk at regular intervals. Feed the baby regularly at the same time intervals everyday, so that your body adjusts itself to a fixed schedule and produces milk accordingly.
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Question: During breast feeding my baby cut my nipple. I am not able to feed baby as well as it is really very painful. What should i do .
Answer: apply nipcare ointment in the affected area. and the wash it before feeding. It is very effective . or apply breast milk over the area
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Question: My breast is very painful
Answer: Hello dear... Pain in breast during breastfeeding happens due to formation of milk duct or engrossed breastsome milk can be accumulated already in the breast, so that it makes pain when baby latches..to overcome this problem follow these ideas... Massage on each breast before you start to feed the baby, it releive milk not to become duct Always wear maternity brazier, so that feeding might be easier Wash nipple and aerola, after feeding You can also give cold compress,so that pain might reduce You can hand express or can use pump to express milk ,it will reduce pain,so that milk production can increased Contact your gynaecologist, so that they prescribe ointment to releive pain...
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Question: My right breast is heavier than left and it is very painful to feed my baby from it...
Answer: Hi dear, Sounds like it is due to breast engorgement. Breast engorgement happens when the supply is excessive and demand is less . initially most pregnant women suffers from this as breasts gets filled with milk but the baby starts to latch late and learns to suck.but you could manually extract milk out.it becomes fine after the body adjusts to baby's needs.you can place a cabbage leaf on the breast or warm wet cloth on it.
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