Few weeks old baby

Question: My breast is paining and it's harder and milk is also not coming nicely.

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Answer: Do pump ur breast ..flow out the milk...or give it a warm compress u vl feel better
Answer: I am also facing same problem, milk will come within 4-5 days after delivery
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Question: Hello my left breast get hard and the milk is also not coming from that breast and it is paining. Please tell me the reason and remedy
Answer: Hi dear. actually milk accumulation is the reason of this pain and less milk flow from the side so take a small towel dip it in hot water and place it on your breast to warm compress your breast ,it will help in dissolving the lungs and It will also reduce your pain and when milk will be dissolved then flow will also become good.
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Question: My breast is full of milk and it's paining a lot but milk is not coming out. Please tell what to do
Answer: Hi dear u should massage ur breast well and then try to take out milk. If u couldn't take it out by ur hand then do try to use breast pump as u can get it in the market. By the help of it u can take out milk. Also u can feed ur baby frequently .
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Question: My baby is 4days old he is drinking my left side breast milk he is no drinking my left side breast milk. My right breast become harder and it's paining and it's leaking what should I do
Answer: Go for breast massage after apply warm water with a cloth Use breast pump to drain out excess milk from ur breasr
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