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Question: My bp is 130/90 and my doctor suggested labetalol tablet, is it safe to consume

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Answer: Hi dear, if your gynacologist suggest you this medicine then dffinately it safe to consume. Your gynac knows your present health condition better than you. So, dont worry n keep trust on your doctor.
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    Aruna684 days ago

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Question: My bp 130/90 is it high?
Answer: Hello dear... The normal blood pressure value is 110/70 mg,if it goes beyond 140/90 mg,consider as high blood pressure,and it is common in pregnancy, follow these steps it may help you in control blood pressure... Monitor your intake of salt You should consume or reduce less salt intake,so that it may helps you lot in controlling blood pressure Don't stress yourself Avoid stress during pregnancy,is an another secret key to control BP,be calm,do your favourite activities,and make yourself relaxed Physical activity Exercise and physical wellness will help you lot in controlling blood pressure, engaging yourself activated throughout the day will help to control blood pressure Weight control Don't gain too much weight, because it may increase blood pressure,so have an healthy diet with lot of fruits and vegetables,avoid fried item, packed snacks,and go for healthy snacks alternative Practice yoga yoga helps you relive from blood pressure, especially breathing techniques will give you tension free,happy pregnancy
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Question: please suggest my bp is 130/90 and i take bp tablet this is normal
Answer: Common risk factors for high blood pressure, such as obesity and a history of high blood pressure, can be minimized through diet and exercise. Of course, during pregnancy, it is inevitable that you will gain some weight. It’s recommended that pregnant women consult with their doctor to identify a weight gain target that is healthy for them. Dietary guidelines for pregnant women vary from person to person. Pregnancy causes hormone shifts, as well as psychological and physical changes. This can bring on stress, which can make high blood pressure harder to manage. Try stress reduction techniques such as yoga and meditation.
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Question: my bp 130/90 . is it ok
Answer: Hi dear, Usually normal BP is 125/80 but it depends person to person.try not to exceed it.and lower your salt content in food.avoid any comercial salty food too. Not to worry though.donot take stress and avoid tea and coffee.
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