1 months old baby

Question: My boy was 16days old.....na problem enti ante vadu body mottam iragadeestu edustunnadu.... stomach pain syrup vesa no use.....chala bhayam ga undi ....can anyone help me....its urgent

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Question: Hello.. Its my 15th week.. I was fine till 1oth week but after that I am vomiting now and then for no reason. Even medicines are also not staying in stomach for few minutes. Today I m fine but next day I am feeling sick. What's wrong with me?? Sometimes feeling a kind of pain in belly area.. Can eat half of what I use to. Help!!
Answer: Hi dear.. i can understand but these are all sickness in pregnancy.. Try to take more of liquids like water coconut water (nimbu pani at least 4 times a day) fresh juices chaach. It will control vomits Eat little at short intervals Take medicines at aleast half an hour later after eating.. Avoid oily and spicy food Pain is due to stretching of utreus which creates pressure. Walk for 20 min everyday Hope i was helpful
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Question: Hi, am having severe stomach pain right now....in my first trimester gas problem and vomiting was there..now its severity is less..but this stomach pain i am not able to manage with it.. Doctor said that no urinary problems is there and no other problems .. but i am still having severe pain in stomach... Do anyone experiencing the same??
Answer: The I too have these kind of pains during my pregnancy and it's completely normal.. actually it happens because of the stretching of the uterus and there is no medication for it.. to get relief just take proper bedrest and avoid sudden movements it will be fine on its own..
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Question: Hi! I am 11 weeks pregnant and from yesterday evening i was having stomach pain its like burning from inside today i went to doctor she asked me for urine test and gave me susten and duphaston tablets i am worried to take this medicine because of reviews i took only one medicine at morning time and i felt that it was because of gastric problem maybe I don't have to use that medicine can anyone suggest me please
Answer: It's common in many. Try to drink ash gourd juice without adding sugar or salt. Apply castor oil to your feet
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