2 months old baby

Question: My boy is 2months and 18 days old. His weight at the time of birth was 3.3 kg which reduced to 3 kg by day 4. Now he weighs 4.45 kg..Should I worry.. . How do I increase his weight. He is completely on breast feeding. Also he sweats during feeding and while sleeping on side. Please help

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Answer: As your baby gaining weight by time it is not need to worry. And it is very good that he is completely on breast milk. My baby also sweats at the time of feeding nd sleeping on side . These are very common things dear. Don't worry and take healthy nd nutrition foods so your baby will grow healthy.
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Question: My 4 month old baby boy weight is 5.275 kg , his birth weight was 3 kg.. is this weight gain normal?? He is completely on breast milk. How to increase his weight??
Answer: Hi! Your baby is doing very good in terms of weight i dont see any need to increase weight because unnecessary weight gain is cause of many health issues. According to WHO guidelines baby should double the birth weight at 6 months and triple it by 1 yr of his age , just watch if your baby doubles it at 6 months and few grams r left to do so and i am sure baby is active and meeting milestones. So pls dont worry.. Hope this helps!
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Question: My boy is 4 months 15 days old and his birth weight is 3.25 kg and now he weighs 5.1kg. I am really worried about his weight gain. He is completely on formula. pls can anyone guide?
Answer: Hii Baby suppose to gain 500gm per month and as per that your baby gained well so don't worry. But still for improving baby while baby is on breastfeeding sharing u the ways: 1) Sleep close to baby. this increase prolactin and frequency of nursing.  2) Do baby massage. That improve baby digestion and helps weight gain. 3) carry baby through out the day in baby carrier get as much skin to skin as u can.  4) nurse atleast after two hours and atleast once at night.  5) make sure u allowed baby to completely finish one side before offering another one. otherwise unbalance of fore and hindmilk is harmful for baby. 6) always offer second side even if he seems to be uninterested.  7) do massage of breast before offering milk so that a proper flow of milk can be received by baby. 
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Question: My baby boy is 49 days old. On birth his weight was 3.1kg now its 3.3 kg how to increase his weight suggest me .Im feeding him breast milk as well as formula milk also
Answer: Hie Up till 5th month you need to breastfeed your baby every 2 hrs when awake and increase the interval to 4 hrs if your baby is sleeping not more than that you should feed your baby 7-9 times per day And in each session ensure you offer both your breast, offer the first and once it is empty offer the second so that your baby gets the fat rich hind milk as well which is necessary for weight gain
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